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Business Audits

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Small Business Accountant Miami offers comprehensive business auditing services for small businesses in Miami. We are a reliable small business accounting company with a bankable reputation. We do our work professionally and you can be sure of an objective and fair assessment of your finances. Our job is to methodically perform and organize a review of your financial statements, analyze them, and scrutinize selected transactions both internally and externally to prepare a detailed report of our findings.

What Is a Small Business Audit?

A small business audit involves the examination of the accounting books, transactions, tax returns, and other financial information of small businesses so ensure that they are accurate and in compliance with relevant laws. It is normal for businesses both  small and large to carry out an annual audit of their activities. The IRS may also request an audit of a business for tax purposes. No matter the reason for an audit, it is a quality control measure that is carried out to ensure that financial records are accurate.

Audit Services

Our audit services promise the highest level of credibility regarding the audit of the financial status of your small business. Our comprehensive audit process yields excellent results that can guide the future decision-making process for your business. Our reliable audit service will also make it easier for your business to satisfy various regulatory requirements.

Audit, review, and compilations

We are an experienced small business accounting firm you can trust for your audit, reviews, and compilations. All three are reports that review your financial details to varying degrees depending on your specific needs. Of these three, an audit offers the highest level of assurance you can get. It is a comprehensive review that examines all financial statements and verifies specific documents for authenticity. Communication with a third party outside the business may be required to verify certain financial transactions as part of the audit process. The other two processes are less extensive compared to an audit. A review consists mainly of analysis of financial statements. It may also involve some inquiries about management activities. Additional procedures may be recommended if inconsistencies are discovered during this analysis. A compilation is merely a summary of information about the financial statement of a small business. No inquiry of the company procedure is required and It does not express the opinion of the auditor.

Our services

We carry out a broad range of audit services for small businesses in Miami. Our auditing services include financial audits, management audit, and cost controls. We also carry out an audit of systems and efficiency audits of business organizations. You can also hire our services to set up and design internal procedures, policies, and internal controls that improve the transparency and efficiency of internal processes for your small business. A business audit is never fun, but it is necessary to maintain the integrity of processes in your company, spot inefficiencies, and put better strategies in place for the future.

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