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small business accountant near me

Small Business Accountant Miami was established as a small business accounting firm to provide bookkeeping as well as tax advisory services to small businesses, corporations, and individuals in Miami, Florida. We are a full-service accounting firm with qualified and experienced public accountants, bookkeepers, auditors, payroll coordinators QuickBooks expert, and tax management professionals offering their expertise to businesses in various industries.

Our services are personalized and we tailor them to the unique needs of every business we work with. We have been in the business of helping small businesses grow for years. We serve local Miami businesses in the following areas:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services: We help businesses put their day to day finances in order;
  • Tax planning and preparation: leverage our tax expertise and vast knowledge of taxation laws to get the best f tax planning. We help you save costs on your taxes by taking advantage of tax benefits.
  • Business Audits: comprehensive, objective, and fair evaluation of financial and transaction details to determine the financial status of businesses.
  • Payroll: experienced payroll managers to prepare and organize payroll, calculate deduction and prepare payroll taxes
  • IRS problems: In trouble with the IRS? We can negotiate on your behalf to get the best outcome possible.

We serve various small businesses in Miami in a wide range of industries including construction, health care, real estate, retail as well as restaurant and food service businesses. We also cater for individual tax needs and offer personal financial management services.

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